Fagus Factory

Hannoversche Straße 58
D-31061 Alfeld-Hannover
Tel.: +49 (0) 5181-79-0

FAGUS Factory World Heritage
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The living monument

Architecture and production in unison

Company founder Carl Benscheidt declared, through the following words, that the Fagus Factory is characterised not just by its globally significant architectural style, but by its active production operations: “Our fortune is represented not by our machines or bank accounts, but by the knowledge, skills and operational readiness of our employees”.

The owner-managed family firm Fagus-GreCon GmbH & Co. KG has its headquarters at the Fagus Factory. The area of operations of Fagus corresponds to the domain associated with the production and development of shoe lasts. The business domain of GreCon has enabled the company to become a market leader in the production and development of measurement technologies and fire protection systems that are used in several sectors, including the industry dealing with wooden composite plates. The business unit associated with machine-building plays a leading role in the domain associated with the production of finger jointing lines and it operates under the name of Weinig Grecon. All the business units are active throughout the world.