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FAGUS Factory World Heritage
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Fagus-Gropius Exhibition

The Fagus-Gropius Exhibition occupies a total area of 3000 m² and is located in the former warehouse. The exhibition provides information about the Fagus Factory. The five storeys provide interesting and exciting information that relates, among other things, to the history of the company, the architecture, the company’s world heritage status and shoe fashions spanning an entire century.

You can look forward to the following themes at the exhibition: 

  • Company history and the UNESCO World Heritage
  • Carl Benscheidt and Walter Gropius – The history of the Bauhaus movement
  • Building history and restoration
  • What shoe lasts can accomplish
  • A hundred years of shoe-fashions
  • Living monument
  • The forest: More than just trees
  • Nature and technology: Processing of solid wood
  • Universally usable: Wood-based materials
  • The people of Fagus
  • Company history and the UNESCO World Heritage 

The exhibition was formed in collaboration with the South Lower Saxony museum association, the Ministry of Science and Culture and external consultants. 

You can download the information brochure for the Fagus-Gropius Exhibition here.