Fagus Factory

Hannoversche Straße 58
D-31061 Alfeld-Hannover
Tel.: +49 (0) 5181-79-0

FAGUS Factory World Heritage
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Arrival & parking

The route leading to the Fagus factory

Car journey

From the north:

When driving over from Hamburg, get off the A7 using exit 59 (B443/Laatzen) and keep driving in the direction of Pattensen/Sarstedt.
After about 9 km, take the B3 and drive in the direction of Elze/Alfeld.
Drive south on the B3 for about 35 km.
From Limmer onwards, follow the signs that say ‘UNESCO world heritage site - Fagus Factory’.

From the south:

Get off the A7 using exit 69 and drive along the B3 in the direction of Hameln/Einbeck/Alfeld.

Drive north on the B3 for about 37 km.
Get off the B3 in Alfeld, then drive onto Göttinger Straße.
Follow the signs that say ‘UNESCO world heritage site - Fagus Factory’.

Arriving by train

The trains of the Deutsche Bahn AG and metronom Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH arrive at and depart from the Alfeld train station on an hourly basis. It only takes seven minutes to walk to the Fagus Factory from the train station.

Arriving on a bicycle

The Fagus Factory lies on the bicycle route - the Leine-Heide-Radweg. With a total length of more than 413 km, the bicycle route connects the low-mountain landscape of the Leine highlands with the Lüneburg Heath and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.


Our factory premises offer free parking spaces for buses, automobiles and bicycles.